Fresh concerns over finalising CAP raised by MEP Kelly

MEP Sean Kelly. Picture credit: Ray McManus / SPORTSFILE
MEP Sean Kelly. Picture credit: Ray McManus / SPORTSFILE

Martin Ryan

Fresh concerns on the finalising of the CAP post 2020 have been raised by Ireland South MEP,  Sean Kelly as the new parliament are set to meet for the first time tomorrow.

Kelly has described as "unfortunate" that the budget was not completed before the last parliament ended ahead of the EU elections amid concerns that the composition of the new parliament could deliver a different result.

Less than one in three of the outgoing parliament return to take up their seat for the first meeting of the new parliament to-day.

"There is a danger now - and we might as well be very clear about it - that a new parliament might take a very different line on this (CAP) than the last parliament" he told farmers in Co Cork when he attended one of his first official engagements to officially open the IHFA National Open Day at Freemount on Thursday.

"We are going to have to be very vigilant that  the fundamentals of the CAP proposals  are maintained and that is one of the biggest challenges that we face in the new Parliament" he added.

The second challenge will be agreement on the budget and "we are going to have to be very strong to ensure that the budget is maintained at least at the present level" he stressed emphasising the risk of new thinking from the changed composition of the new parliament.

On Brexit he said that "the uncertainty is going to continue until at least October 31 and possibly beyond so we can only get on with it and hope that it finishes out well in the end".

He called for far more state flexibility in the approach to forestry and planting of trees as part of the programme to meet the targets on the environment "because many people who would like to go into forestry are finding it too difficult".

"It should be far more about the number of trees that are planted than where they are or how far they are from a roadway. Farmers should be encouraged to plant hedgerows, corners of fields and waste ground that could be utilised" he said.

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