Date announced for consultation opening on CAP 2020

European Commissioner Phil Hogan Photo: Frank McGrath
European Commissioner Phil Hogan Photo: Frank McGrath

Claire Mc Cormack

A public consultation process on CAP post 2020 will be launched on Thursday, February 2, the EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan has confirmed.

The online process will be open for up to 12 weeks and will seek the views of both citizens and stakeholders across the EU on how to modernise and simplify CAP.

The EU also confirmed that a major communication on the future of CAP will be published by Brussels by the end of the year, with formal legislative proposals then being tabled in 2018.

Commissioner Hogan stated that the issues covered by the communication later this year will include: the simplification for farmers of CAP; environmental issues; and more risk management tools.

These talks will be dominated by the ongoing Brexit negotiation which are due to open at the end of March and take two years.

Britain is a major net contributor and the EU's farm post-2020 budget will be without €7bn to €9bn per year in London contributions. He predicted the reform talks will be difficult and he hoped they would include a move to a farm income insurance scheme for farmers and less funds for major producers.

In talk reminiscent of another Irish commissioner, Ray MacSharry, in the period 1989-1992, there is a view in some Brussels quarters that really big producers should no longer get EU income supports post-2020. The commissioner himself said the aim was to complete matters before European Parliament elections in May 2019 and the end of the current commission's term.

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