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Department launches calf registration app for farmers


Michael Creed. Picture: Arthur Carron

Michael Creed. Picture: Arthur Carron

Michael Creed. Picture: Arthur Carron

The Department of Agriculture has today launched a new app for registering calves online.

The Department of Agriculture has launched a calf registration app (Calf-Reg) that is now available free of charge to all herd keepers that have a smart phone.

In 2019 over 70pc of calves born were registered on the Animal Identification and Movement System (AIMS) using electronic notifications.

According to the Department, the new calf registration app (Calf-Reg) offers an efficient and user friendly way to register calves electronically.

The main benefits of the Calf Registration App include:

  • Simple step by step process to record calf registration details;
  • App records registration details even without network coverage, and can be submitted later to update records on AIMS when network coverage allows;
  • App can be used in any location, including in farm buildings while tagging calves; and
  • Prompt calf registrations that speeds up processing of passports with no postage delays.

According to the Department herd owners must have an Agfood account to use the app. They may register to obtain an Agfood account online at

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