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Monday 10 December 2018

Case study: 'After a bad year, this is a pretty good Budget – but it doesn’t go far enough'

Income: Trevor Boland on his farm in Dromard, Co Sligo. Photo: James Connolly
Income: Trevor Boland on his farm in Dromard, Co Sligo. Photo: James Connolly
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Young farmer Trevor Boland (38), from Co Sligo, welcomed the Budget but said a €20m scheme to support suckler farmers did not go far enough.

Mr Boland has been a suckler and beef farmer for 10 years.

He supplies to local marts and factories.

Mr Boland is one of many farmers who feel the drought and poor weather earlier this year has been detrimental to agriculture and he insists stimulus packages are vital.

"It's been a pretty good Budget," Mr Boland said.

"But these are small measures and we needed to go further.

"The suckler scheme is good news, but it will only cover around 5,000 cows - more investment is needed."

The farmer also welcomed an extra €57m funding for the Department of Agriculture to support the sector, especially in order to help disadvantaged farmers.

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"That's also positive," he said. "The income averaging extended to farmers with incomes away from a farm is a good move too, but it doesn't go far enough either.

"And we needed more investment for the environmental efficiency scheme," Mr Boland added, in order to "entice farmers into it".

If the Budget ploughed more money into farming he felt this would increase economic and social activity in the sector.

"The suckler cow scheme is needed because of the low incomes in the suckler sector," Mr Boland said.

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