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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Approved tag suppliers agree to collect ICBF levy

Image: Getty Images.
Image: Getty Images.
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

An agreement has been reached with tag suppliers approved by the Department of Agriculture on on a new funding mechanism for the Irish Cattle breeding Federation (ICBF).

The Minister for Agriculture Food & Marine, Michael Creed announced agreement following detailed discussion on how to continue the successful operation of the ICBF following a massive funding fall off since its levy on tags became voluntary last year.

Approved Tag suppliers will now make a contribution of 38c  (incl Vat) to ICBF on all new tag sets sold.

In an arrangement facilitated by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, all approved Tag suppliers have agreed to make a contribution to ICBF to the amount of €0.38 (including vat)  on all new sets of tags sold. 

The new agreement will start on November 1, 2017.

ICBF, since its inception, has relied on a three-way partnership approach to its funding through financial support from the Department, through service provision and importantly, though a direct financial contribution from all farmers when ordering their identity tags.

 The new funding mechanism means that all approved Tag suppliers will pay €.38c per set of tags( incl VAT) from the new tag ordering season starting autumn 2017.

The Department has at the same time committed to its continued financial support of ICBF.

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Minister Creed said said he is aware of the valuable contribution ICBF has made to the dairy and beef sectors. Genetic gain has delivered over €500m of extra profit to the industry overall.

“Improved breeding through the Economic Breeding Index has produced better milk solids and more fertile dairy herds.

“The Eurostars index has delivered improved carcass weights and conformation to beef herds. Farmers have been the main beneficiaries of the work being done by ICBF over the last twenty years and it is essential that this continue into the future.”

The Minister said  is essential that farmers in the future can steer the development of our National breeding programme and that the farmer owned and controlled structure of the ICBF continues.

“The continued funding, will allow farmers have a strong voice in cattle breeding. I am grateful to the support of the various stakeholders in contributing to the successful conclusion of the talks my Department has had over the last few months.”

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