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Saturday 18 August 2018

Department agrees new beef agreement with Israel

Stock image. GettyImages
Stock image. GettyImages
Ciaran Moran

Ciaran Moran

The Department of Agriculture has reached a new agreement with the authorities in Israel concerning the certification of beef exports from Ireland to Israel.

A new veterinary health certificate has been agreed for the export of beef from Ireland to Israel.

The main changes from the previous certificate are that the new certificate provides for the export of bone-in beef cuts derived from cattle of all ages as well as boneless beef cuts and offal from cattle of all age.

The previous certificate restricted exports to boneless beef only.

Irish beef exports to Israel were valued at €2.1m last year down marginally on the year previous.

In 2017 Irish agrifood exports recorded their 8th consecutive year of growth to reach an estimated €13.6 billion. 

Within that, meat exports including beef, sheepmeat, pigmeat and poultry came to a total of over €3.78 billion.

The total value of beef exports, including offal, was more than €2.4 billion in 2017; an increase of 6pc overall on the 2016 figures (€2.2 billion).

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The volume of exports rose by almost 21.5 million tonnes from 532.5m in 2016 to 554m in 2017.

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