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Monday 18 December 2017

Adams Foods opens exciting new chapter for IDB operation in UK

Caitriona Murphy

Caitriona Murphy

The IDB operations in Britain opened a new chapter in October last year when the Kerrygold Company Limited and North Downs Dairy, which were both wholly owned IDB subsidiaries, merged to create one consumer foods business -- Adams Foods Ltd.

The new company supplies over 200 million packs of cheese to retailers every year, according to the IDB.

The merger brought the Kerrygold and Pilgrims Choice (see panel, above right) brands, owned by North Downs Dairy, into the same stable and combines the marketing capability of both organisations to grow both brands. The merger will also harness the respective strengths of the two cheese-packing operations to efficiently deliver the broadest range of pre-packed hard cheeses to the British market.

The aim of Adams Foods Ltd is to be the most enterprising dairy marketing company in Britain and a leading supplier of cheese, butter and other dairy products to the retail and foodservice sectors.

The all-in facility of Adams Foods means it can market, sell, produce, and distribute the Kerrygold and Pilgrims Choice branded portfolio, as well as the broadest range of retailer brand hard cheeses across Britain.

It is currently the leading supplier of retail pre-packed hard cheese in Britain, supplying over 30pc of the market and is also the leading supplier of private label in the convenience and healthy cheese categories.

The Adams Foods cheese portfolio includes Pilgrims Choice and Kerrygold branded cheddar and numerous added-value private label cheeses in other hard cheese sectors including handmade farmhouse cheddar and organic cheese.

Looking to the future, Adams Foods intends to continue to deliver high quality, volume and specialist private label cheeses for its retail and foodservice customers, while growing the Kerrygold and Pilgrims Choice portfolios. This will be key to Adams Foods becoming the most enterprising supplier of cheese, butter and other dairy products in Britain.

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The company is investing heavily in consumer insights and category management to enable it to build on its current position as the Britain's leading supplier of pre-packed cheese.

This year, the focus is on new product developments such as Pilgrims Choice grated Xtreme Cheddar, Red Leicester and Lighter Mature cheeses, as well as Kerrygold Honey Spread, Lighter butter, Mature Cheddar and Extra Mature Cheddar.

Caitriona Murphy

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