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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Abbey ups ante with new triple-axle tanker range

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Tipperary-based slurry tanker manufacturer Abbey Machinery has started 2013 with the launch of an impressive looking new range of triple-axle tankers.

The tankers, which will retail at around €70,000 plus VAT, got their first public airing at the Lamma show in England last week, and punters were impressed with it.

Called the Tridem range, the new tankers have steering axles on the front and rear to aid manoeuvrability and reduce grubbing of the ground when turning at headlands. The front and rear steering axles are controlled via forced steering from the tractor,

Abbey's sales manager, David Carty, told the Farming Independent that the Tridem range will allow the firm to compete with the biggest tankers manufactured across Europe.

"We had a lot of customer feedback suggesting there was a demand for a large tanker in the 4,000-5,000gal range," Mr Carty said.

"This new 4,500gal Tridem tanker is aimed at enhancing the productivity of today's serious slurry contractor. We are starting with a 4,500gal version, but we might go bigger again in the future if the demand is there."

Mr Carty claimed key aspects of the new Tridem range included the standard Abbey criteria of being purposeful, reliable and durable.

The tanker sits into an Abbey four-point, well-styled, laser-cut and pressed chassis.

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It uses shock absorbing running gears and Abbey's renowned weight-sensing sprung drawbar system, while it is shod on special 600/55 R26.5 low-flotation tyres in order to protect soft ground.

At the fully laden weight of a hefty 30t, it's clear why flotation management is crucial.

Traction in the field is enhanced through the Abbey weight management system which is fitted to the tanker.

This consists of a baffling system inside the tank which keeps a certain level of slurry toward the front of the tanker as it empties, therefore weighing down on to the tractor drawbar.

In this way, rear tractor wheel slip is minimised and efficiency improved.

Abbey recommends a tractor in the region of 250hp to pull this size of tanker.

Despite the large size of the new Tridem tanker, the firm claims the pumping system can fill the machine's vessel in less than 4.5 minutes and that the spreading width when using the splash-plate is around 15m.

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