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¤5 boost as lamb returns continue to rise

With the factory price improving towards the end of last week there was an obvious improvement in the marts yesterday.

Lambs at the three marts I spoke to yesterday were making from €50-66 over or €2.20-2.30/kg. This was generally up to €5 a head of the mart reports for the middle and end of last week. Heavy cull ewes continue to freely exceed the €100/hd.

Prices of up to €178 were paid for ewe hoggets while ewes with twin lambs made up to €240. The store lamb trade is lively in a price range of €70-85/hd.

Kilkenny reported a sharper trade yesterday with prices up by as much as €5/hd. Well fleshed lambs of 46-55kg sold for €58-66 over the weight or €2.20-2.24/kg. Lighter lots were selling for €45-50 over.

Trade was steady in Athenry with a general price run of €55-63 over the weight. Some top quality lots sold for up to €67 over, reflecting a price of €2.34/kg, with one pen of 50kg ewe lambs making €118 or €68 over the €/kg.

Fermoy Mart had 500 lambs on offer yesterday. When contacted about half of them were sold with the factory and butcher lambs selling for €50-59 over their weight or up to €2.16/kg.

Lamb prices were back by as much as €5/hd at Enniscorthy selling for €45-55 over the weight or €90-105/hd.

Store lamb prices ran from €70-82 reflecting a return of €40-53 over the €/kg. Farmers were paying between €130-171 for ewe hoggets with the upcoming breeding season in mind. A good trade for cull ewes saw the heavier lots making €95-117 while the lighter store type sold for €45-72 each.

At Maam Cross the lambs made €2.00-2.15/kg selling in a range from €65-96 each. Ewes with lambs at foot sold for €80-134/unit. Prices for cull ewes varied from €55-95/hd.

Dowra Mart had a good entry of sheep last Saturday with store lambs starting to appear in bigger numbers.

The best of the Suffolk and Suffolk-cross store lambs made from €70-85 with a few pens of heavier lambs selling for €90-110 each.

Crossbred and lighter stores made from €60-75 each with good demand and plenty of farmer interest for these lambs

Ewes with lambs at foot sold from €80-160 for singles while ewes with doubles made from €150-240 each.

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