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Friday 20 April 2018

A silage additive system with impressive results

The Mafex system can be fitted on most combines
The Mafex system can be fitted on most combines
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

There's a new make of additive distributor on the Irish market called the Mafex silage unit. This device applies additive to silage by means of centrifugal force using a specially developed motorised rotation disc.

Made in Germany by Mantis GmbH, the Mafex system allows operators to treat between 400-500t of silage with just 10 litres of pre-mixed product.

Key features are a low-maintenance peristaltic hose pump and a rotary atomiser that ensure an optimal distribution of inoculant with uniform droplet size.

The Mafex system features a control unit installed in the cab for automatic priming and flow rate monitoring. An alarm and a flashing light is triggered to alert the operator in the event of an incorrect inoculant flow rate or when the tank is getting low.

Mounting options are flexible.

On John Deere harvesters for example the atomiser is installed in the accelerator or blower.

Installation should be possible on any harvester and the brackets are available for retrofitting. Pricing is in the region of €2,500 plus VAT.

Further details are available from Irish distributors Kelliher Feeds and Agri Supplies based in Tralee, Co Kerry.

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