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Monday 23 April 2018

A pint leads to rapid sale for Meath local

Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien

Despite the greatest endeavours of auctioneer Thomas Potterton and his advertisers, news of the imminent sale of a 20ac parcel of land located at Posseckstown, Enfield, Co Meath, had eluded a neighbour until he heard about it in his local pub two nights before the auction.

Having been alerted, the man turned up at the recent auction and bought the place for €115,000.

The land -- located one mile from the M4 at Enfield, more than eight miles from Trim and 22 miles from Dublin, is laid out in large divisions.

With a natural water supply, the 20ac property includes a farmyard with a haybarn, a cattle chute and pen.

While the holding has limited road frontage, there is sufficient access to provide for the construction of a residence subject to the necessary planning permission.

With three local customers in the frame, Mr Potterton opened the bidding at €80,000. The sale proceeded in bids of €5,000 until the price reached €95,000 when the estate agent consulted with the vendor.

It was agreed to return to the bidding until the price reached €100,000, at which point the holding was put on the market.

Matters then proceeded at a slower pace in bids of €1,000 but, when the offer reached €115,000 thanks to a bid from the man who heard about the auction in the local hostelry, the sale was agreed.

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