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A magnet for innovators

Over the years Derryhiney has been in the hands of renowned farm leaders and innovators.

In the 1950s it was owned by Rickard Deasy (pictured left), an Oxford educated farmer who helped found the National Farmers Association, later renamed the Irish Farmers Association (IFA). He led the farmers in their famous march on the Dáil in 1966.

A Cambridge educated master of agriculture, Frank Madden was the next owner at Derryhiney. Taking over the farm in 1969, Madden was an innovator who expanded the farm facilities. He introduced cutting edge farm practices that included building slatted cattle sheds, internal roads, silage pits and a slatted sheep shed.

He was one of the first farmers to introduce electronically agitated slurry pits designed to retain oxygen and assist the decomposition process.

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