A chip off the old block

Johnny Brady
Johnny Brady

Growing up as a grand-nephew of Big Tom, singer Johnny Brady was close to the star and has now followed him into the business. "My grandfather and his mother were brother and sister," Johnny reveals.

"My grandparents lived in a wee place called Shilling Hill, outside Castleblayney and I spent every summer there when I was a kid. Tom would come over and cut the meadow in those days."

Naturally, when Brady was considering a career in country music, the first person he consulted for advice was Big Tom.

"By then, I had already been playing in pop and rock bands," he says.

"Tom was all for me going down the country music route because he knew I'd love the people who follow it. 'There's one thing I'll say to you Johnny, when you meet a fan in the country music scene, you have a fan for life,' he told me. And that is so true."

You can now download Johnny Brady's self-penned summer single, Just Dance, on www.johnny-brady.com

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