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a career in MODELs

McConnel model hedgecutter facts:

• 100 models -- 60LH and 40RH.

• 13,000 parts used in their construction.

• 1.5 weeks to spray all parts.

• 1,130 hours to produce the 100 models.

Having completed the big McConnel production run at the end of last year, Ciaran is off to Australia this month for a well-earned rest.

"I haven't had a holiday in six or seven years so I'm going out to Australia to visit friends who have gone out there to work," he said. "When I get back, I plan to build a Moffett Bushmaster-style saw-blade hedge-cutter and build them onto tractors like Ford TW's and John Deere's.

"I'm optimistic but I can't see this being the real breadwinner for the rest of my life, but it is holding up for the moment. If we got more orders like the McConnel one, it would be good.

"Whenever construction comes back, we would have the option to get back into architectural modelling."

Ciarán manufactures many other models besides various McConnel hedgecutters, including Dooley trailers, complete with removable sides, and McHale bale handlers, from which the bale handling tubes can be removed to expose stone fork tines for more conventional bale handling.

Other models he creates include:

• Dooley trailer: €180.

• McHale bale handler:


• Shear grab (different makes): €30.

• McConnel PA6500T hedgecutter: €300.

• McConnel PA7700T hedgecutter: €300.

• O'Connor folding silage fork, 14ft: €60.

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