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A better tedder all round


Vicon Tedder

Vicon Tedder

Vicon Tedder

Sticking to grassland, the introduction of the Vicon Fanex 764 provides buyers with the option of a 7.6m tedder designed to perform in all crop conditions.

The new Vicon Fanex 764 is a 7.6m, six-rotor tedder, fitted with seven tine arms per rotor.

The complete machine, except for the PTO to tractor is 100pc maintenance-free.

The tine arm design, with flat steel tine arms, ensures that high loads can be transferred without any bending of the arms, leading to perfect tedding of even the heaviest crop.

Additionally the strong vibration dampers provide stable and accurate running characteristics, leading to an even spreading pattern across the complete 7.6m working width.

All standard settings, like rotor and tine angle adjustment and setting for border tedding is easily done, according to the manufacturer.

It will be brought into Ireland under the Kverneland 8576 guise.

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