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Saturday 25 November 2017

A ballad for Flor, a tribal peace deal and action on flooding

Flor McCarthy, IFA
Flor McCarthy, IFA
Darragh McCullough

Darragh McCullough

Song releases, peace-deals, and flooding funding were all part of the news mix from the IFA presidential candidates this week.

Kerry candidate, Flor McCarthy gave his campaign a lyrical lift by releasing a rousing anthem penned by one of McCarthy's fellow countymen, Dan Sweeney from Kenmare.

The lyrics include lines that will resonate with grassroots IFA members.

'It's our time to start anew, Flor knows just what to do, Strong voice for me and you,When times are tough he'll pull us through.

'...It's your time to make a move, it's your time to make amends, it's your time to make the rules, so let's begin.'

In the west, Joe Healy has brokered peace among the Galway tribes regarding the county's candidates for various national positions over the coming weeks.

The move avoids elections for the county chairman and national council representative positions, with Peter Gohery withdrawing to allow the incumbent Pat Murphy to go forward unopposed for the county chair's seat.

Stephen Canavan and Martin Murphy also agreed to withdraw their nominations for national council representative, enabling Mr Gohery continue to serve his term as IFA national council representative for Galway.

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In the midlands, Henry Burns has pledged to provide environmental, mechanical and safety training for farmers wishing to dredge waterways if he gets elected.

Flood forum

The Laois man said that if local authorities and the OPW didn't start cleaning waterways by midsummer that he would kick-start a project to support farmers do the work themselves.

"Enda Kenny clearly said that the directives, both in terms of habitat and water, do not prevent dredging and do not ban dredging. But it's necessary to inform them that works are going to be carried out.

Burns also said the position of Ardnacrusha must be considered and he called for the facility to be closed, at least for the three winter months.

Meanwhile, Sligo IFA has proposed a rotating Connacht chair between the five western counties over a 10-year period, in an effort to bridge the impasse that has dead-locked campaigns to elect a leader for the region.

It has been many decades since either Sligo, Leitrim or Roscommon have succeeded in electing a regional leader from their counties.

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