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Thursday 24 May 2018

98pc support co-op changes

A Huge number of Arrabawn shareholders turned out to vote 98pc in favour of changes to the structure of their board and representative committee at an EGM in Nenagh.

The new structure to be phased in over the next three years will see a reduction in the number of seats on the board by four to 18.

In addition, the number of vice-chairmen will be halved to one, and the representative committee will be reduced from 63 members to 60.

The electoral areas are to be re-aligned with representation based on the scale of business, number of suppliers and volume of milk supplied.

It is also agreed that the chairman can be re-elected for five years, instead of three, on a simple majority of the board.

The change will result in a reduction in the number of representatives from some Arrabawn Co-op areas, while others will benefit from an increase in the number of seats.

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