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Tuesday 24 October 2017

6210R's transmission system aims to please

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

One of the tractors that was being tested by farmers and contractors at the Meath Farm Machinery open day was the new John Deere 6210R Direct Drive model.

Featuring a newly designed 24-speed transmission, this is the first time dual-clutch technology is available in a tractor setting.

Deere claims that significant fuel savings of up to 4pc, compared with currently available transmissions, have already been measured on the test facilities in Mannheim and during independent field tests.

"Direct Drive combines the handling comfort of an continuously variable shift transmission (CVT) with the power of a mechanical transmission," Ian Timmons explained.

"It has been designed to provide maximum efficiency for specific tasks and load conditions that require continuous power, such as ploughing and towing, PTO work and road transport," he added.

"We think this will appeal to Irish contractors in particular who are looking for an alternative to an CVT transmission.

"We describe it as being somewhere between the Power Quad and Auto Quad transmissions that Deere users will be familiar with."

Mr Timmons said the semi-automatic Direct Drive transmission system consists of eight powershift speeds in each of three ranges, which are designed for typical field applications. The system enables the driver to remain in the selected range for all relevant operations, so switching between ranges is rarely necessary.

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The driver can choose between a manual mode to take command of forward and reverse speed changes via the tractor control lever, or an automatic mode.


In this mode, the transmission enables fast changes between the eight speeds under full load, and also provides fully automatic changes between the A, B and C ranges.

The transmission system comprises two adjacent main drive shafts, each having four-speed gearing and an individual clutch.

Gears are changed with no loss of traction power, as one of the two clutches is always engaged. When the driver changes gear, one clutch disengages and the other engages in parallel; this action prevents any interruption to the power flow.

Range A works at speeds between 2.7 and 10.8kph at nominal engine speed and is the best range for traction work. Range B provides speeds between 5.4 and 21.5kph and is suitable for the vast majority of applications involving pto-driven implements.

The eight powershift speeds of Range C are designed for transport work and cover a range from 13.8 to 42kph or optionally 54.6kph.

The B/C control allows the driver to use both transmission ranges, with automatic shifting between the two.

This provides swift acceleration when required, or the tractor can be driven at a steady 40 or 50kph maximum speed with a fuel-saving engine speed of 1550rpm.

Meath Farm Machinery say the 6210R Direct Drive is priced in the region of €117,000 plus VAT.

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