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Thursday 22 February 2018

60 suppliers facing expulsion

Dairygold has secured a High Court injunction.
Dairygold has secured a High Court injunction.

A former milk supplier to Dairygold says he will not be able afford a solicitor after his three day sit-in at the dairy firm HQ ended up in the High Court.

West Cork farmer Ned McCarthy along with around 60 former suppliers face expulsion from the co-op after they switched their production to other creameries amid issues over a milk supply agreement.

Mr McCarthy was served with a High Court injunction by Dairygold after requests to leave the firm's Mitchelstown boardroom.

"I don't think I can afford to employ a solicitor - I was told it might cost €10,000," he said. Mr McCarthy assured the court he does not intend to enter the Dairygold premises again.

The High Court adjourned the case to April 5 to allow Mr McCarthy to file an affidavit if he wanted to and to allow both sides consider the costs of the court proceedings.

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