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Wednesday 13 December 2017

470 face penalties for late SFP forms

Caitriona mURPHY

Almost 470 farmers will incur single farm payment (SFP) penalties because they submitted their SFP applications forms after the deadline date of May 15, Department of Agriculture officials have confirmed.

Most of the late applications were submitted between one and three days late, although 67 farmers were almost a week late.

Department of Agriculture officials have not yet released any information about applications that were more than seven days late.

Daily penalties ranging from 1pc to 5pc will apply to SFP applications up to seven days late, while the penalties increase up to 100pc in the case of farmers who submit their application form after Sunday, June 10.

Last year, 1,700 farmers lost out on €1.6m in payments due to late application.


Meanwhile, officials have pledged to make payments to 6,600 successful AEOS II applicants this month. Some 8,300 farmers have been paid their 2012 AEOS payment, but there are still 400 cases outstanding. More than 5,000 farmers in AEOS I have been paid for last year, but 3,000 year two payments are still on hold due to capital investment claim issues.

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