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35pc rise in injuries is a 'wake-up call'

Farm injuries have risen by 35pc in the last five years according to a Teagasc national survey.

Delegates at the national farm safety conference in Cork last week heard how farm families are bearing the brunt of the injury toll, with family members accounting for almost nine out of 10 farm injuries.

While there have been some improvements in accident rates in recent years, these tend to be sporadic and unsustained. Teagasc chief, Gerry Boyle, said the new data was a "wake-up call" for the industry.

The survey revealed that the farmer is the accident victim in nearly three quarters of cases, farm workers account for less than one in 10, while spouses, family members and others make up the remainder.

Trips, falls and blows, accounted for nearly half of all injuries, followed by accidents involving livestock, vehicles and machinery and chainsaws.

The vast majority of accidents happen in the farmyard.

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