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Wednesday 21 February 2018

€2/kg minimum pig price needed

Pig farmers have called for an immediate increase in pigmeat prices in the face of rising feed costs.

IFA pig chairman Tim Cullinan said a pig price of €2/kg for quality assured pig meat was absolutely essential to save the Irish pig industry from extinction.

Pig feed prices have risen to more than €1.30/kg of meat produced and farmers are now losing more than €20 per pig.

"For the first time ever protein prices, like soya bean have reached €500/t," he said. "Old crop barley and wheat to buy today is €270/t.

"This is the same crop that cereals farmers were paid €140/t for in 2011. Traders are taking a massive margin on these crops and this is unsustainable."

Mr Cullinan said consumers in the domestic market purchased 50pc of the pigmeat produced in Ireland.

"These are the best quality, higher value cuts and yet this market is not returning a viable price to producers. Retailers who give away meat free are playing a major part in driving the pig industry out of business," he insisted.

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