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2012 farm fatalities: a year of Irish tragedies

nAnimal in cattle crush ran towards gate while being opened, force drove deceased back and hit his head off concrete wall of slatted house;

nDeceased suffered injuries resulting from a fall when the jeep he was driving rolled forward as he exited it;

nThe deceased was inflating a tyre on a dump trailer. When the tyre blew out, he was thrown backwards and struck a steel door;

nAttacked in farmyard by cow while attempting to tag and dehorn a calf;

nThe deceased was attempting to climb into the cab of a runaway tractor when he fell under the wheels;

nThe deceased was attempting to attach a fertiliser spreader to his tractor. The tractor rolled forward, down a slight slope, over the victim;

nDeceased's son was dosing a newly born calf when the mother of the calf attacked him.

nDeceased went to assist his son when he was also attacked by the cow and suffered fatal injuries;

nDeceased was herding cattle within a field using a quad bike when he crashed into an ESB pole within the centre of the field;

nDeceased was carrying out maintenance on a silage rotary rake when he was struck in the head by it;

nDeceased was discovered in a collapsed state by his brother. The verdict from the subsequent Coroner's Inquest into the death indicates internal injuries most probably inflicted by an animal;

nThe deceased was found immersed in slurry at an agitation point in an external slatted tank;

nDeceased was driving a tractor when it overturned;

nSilage bale rolled over victim;

nDeceased was found face down in the gap between a number of round straw bales, with only his lower legs showing. There was a young calf also found (dead) at the bottom of this gap, which it is believed he was trying to retrieve when he became trapped and subsequently died;

nDuring a reversing manoeuvre into the farmyard the victim was struck and knocked to the ground by the rear discharge point of a vacuum tanker and was then reversed over by the tractor;

nThe deceased was found trapped between the rear wheel of his tractor and a calf creep feeder which he had just attached using the three-point linkage;

nThe deceased was felling a tree when he was struck by a section of it;

nThe deceased was found in an open slurry tank by his wife after she came home from work;

nDeceased was adjusting a lift arm on a tractor while it was attached to an agitator. During the process the agitator became unstable and moved, trapping him between the wheel of the tractor and the agitator;

nDeceased fell approximately 3.5m to the ground while replacing galvanised roofing sheets on a shed.

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