Farm Ireland

Tuesday 19 June 2018

Plan ahead to cut your silage costs

10 steps to cheaper silage - Rising diesel prices mean higher silage bills, but bulk buying and planning ahead can help cut costs 

Machines all over the country are on the move with the 2018 first cut silage campaign now in full swing. It's an exciting time of year and after a slow start, grass now looks to be in plentiful supply. However, silage-making is a notoriously expensive job for farmers. An unexpected downpour of rain leading to botched quality silage, or a mower getting banjaxed thanks to a "UFO" (unidentified...

The newly introduced red deer at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. Photograph by Eamon Ward

As a new herd finds its home in the grounds of Bunratty Castle, our reporter meets its deer keeper 

Bunratty is all about history. Strolling around the famous Castle & Folk Park, located just a few miles outside the Clare county town of Ennis, the visitor passes easily between eras: from a sleek post-millennial reception/entry area to the recreation of a 19th-century Irish village and farming life, and further back to the 15th-century castle itself, with its medieval banquets and lavish adornments.