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Euro notes lacking 'face' value

WHAT countries put on their bank notes says a good deal about how those nations see themselves. Developing countries like skyscrapers and the like. Developed countries often dwell on the good old days when they were top dog.

The Punt has never known what message the European Central Bank was trying to get across when it picked the motifs for the euro more than a decade ago.

The good news is that these motifs are set to change. The Central Bank will unveil the new €5 note in Dublin next Tuesday.

Across the water, Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said yesterday that Winston Churchill will appear on the next UK banknote.

"Winston Churchill was a truly great British leader, orator and writer," Mr King said at Chartwell, Churchill's former country home in south-east England.

"Above that, he remains a hero of the entire free world. His energy, courage, eloquence, wit and public service are an inspiration to us all."

The current plan is for the new design to appear on the £5 note and to be introduced into circulation in 2016.

The redesign is the Bank of England's latest, following the introduction of steam-engine pioneers Matthew Boulton and James Watt on the £50 note in 2011.

It is will be interesting to see what the ECB pits against Churchill in the years ahead. Something tells The Punt that an imaginary bridge won't cut the mustard.

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