Speaker Profile: Dinos Anthony Kerigan-Kyrou

Dinos is a co-author of NATO’s cybersecurity training programme and curriculum, and a member of the Emerging Security Challenges Working Group (an external consultative body to NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division), based at the Partnership for Peace Consortium in Garmisch, Germany.

He has instructed on the Defence Forces Ireland Junior Staff & Command Course on new and emerging challenges facing Ireland, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich.

For several years he conducted training at the NATO School Oberammergau to NATO and Partnership for Peace officers and NCOs.

He is an active member of CSARN, an organisation that brings together government and business to evaluate new security challenges.

Dinos has a particular role in preventing cyber business espionage, and a huge interest in protecting Irish companies’ Intellectual Property from cyber theft.

Before working in cybersecurity he worked for many years in aviation, in EU representation at British Regional Airlines, and as Communications Director for CANSO the organisation representing air traffic management providers such as the IAA.