Mobile devices provide challenges to firms

Sean Duffy

The use of smartphones is providing companies with new challenges when it comes to the issue of cyber security.

Latest data shows that smartphones and mobile devices are now more popular than laptops for web traffic, providing employers with new concerns when it comes to protecting their data.

However, Anthony O'Mara, Vice President of EMEA for Malware Byte, said the migration to cloud computing was mitigating the risk associated with large data breaches.

Mr O' Mara added that it was vital that organisations and individual employees to ensure that they had the correct procedures in place to ensure their data was adequately protected.

"If you are stupid, and you do stupid things with you technology by behaving recklessly, there's nothing any company can do to protect you. We can put the systems in place which help to stop threats, but there has to be a level of responsibility there on behalf of companies and employees to make sure they are doing the right things," Mr O Meara told Dublin Info Sec 2016.