Drone-hacking cyber-security boot camp launched in UK

Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk


A cyber-security workshop will be held in the UK to give students the skills to 'fight cyber-attacks'.

The 10-week course has been "certified" by UK spy agency GCHQ.

The Cyber Retraining Academy will be operated by cyber-security training firm Sans Institute. It will be funded as part of the government's £1.9bn National Cybersecurity Strategy.

Sans Institute said "leading cyber-security employers" would be able to track students' performance throughout the course, with a view to recruiting talented individuals.

The recruits must pass a series of tests before being considered for the boot camp, including a multiple-choice quiz before they can even submit an application.

The successful 50 candidates will attend the academy in London in 2017, and will receive two years of training condensed into 10 weeks.

Rik Ferguson of cyber-security firm Trend Micro said the scheme could help people learn the skills to "hit the ground running" in a security-related role.

"Employers often complain about the 'cyber-security skills gap' - a gap that I would argue doesn't exist," he told the BBC.

"The problem is rather that employers are not looking beyond very narrowly specified certifications or degree courses in security-related subjects.

"If advertising a cyber-retraining programme as 'drone hacking' is going to get individuals with the right character and curiosity applying for this course, then it can only be a good thing.

"But obviously it takes more than 10 weeks, however intense, to create a well-rounded security professional."