Sunday 26 January 2020

Dublin Info Sec 2016 conference addresses the critically important issues that threaten businesses in the information age

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

By any measure, the digital threats that businesses and organisations of all sizes face are increasing.

In the last year, global security incidents have risen by almost 40pc, according to research from PWC. That includes some 400m personal records that were exposed through breaches across the financial, business, education, government and healthcare sectors.

This comes at a price. Industry figures show that the average cost for each lost record is €122.

And many organisations don’t feel they’re getting on top of the situation. According to a recent CyberEdge report, over half of companies worldwide think that a successful cyberattack against their network will happen within the year.

Dublin Info Sec 2016 will look at some of the critically important issues that threaten businesses and organisations in Ireland and abroad.

Featuring experts in a variety of security fields, the event will also deal with some of the most important emerging challenges in IT security.

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