Tuesday 24 October 2017

Davos therapy booked out

It is, in case you haven't noticed, Davos time again. In the next few days, the world's financial elite will be at the Swiss ski resort, telling us what should and should not be done to ensure global peace and prosperity.

This year, the meeting, which formally opened last night, is set against a more optimistic background than any since the global meltdown in 2008.

The fashion models and movie stars, the mammoth summit bashes, and the swarms of bankers that usually frequented the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in this mountain-ringed resort have been missing in recent years.

They have been replaced by nervous chief executives reeling from the uncertainty of the continuing financial crisis. Many now see Davos as a form of group therapy.

But with the town of Davos full by yesterday, organisers were scrambling to place some of the 2,500 attendees in hotels over 100km away.

Uncertainty sells, it seems, even when it concerns where one is going to sleep.

Irish Independent

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