Monday 18 December 2017

Data roaming charges

Following the John Terry trial on Twitter will have been dear enough abroad. Posting 10 tweets a day will cost close to a euro on some networks -- and that's before you add in Facebook, YouTube and other bits of internet on your phone. Vodafone has just introduced a new €2 per day offer for people using 50mb per day in Europe. Using 50mb in a day isn't as hard as it looks. That's just 20 minutes of YouTube, 30 minutes on Facebook, a few tweets and a bit of catching up. Mobile operators will send you a text telling you that you've racked up a massive bill. You can either hide your phone under the bed for the rest of the holiday or agree to keep using it knowing that a really scary bill is on the way. Meteor charges up to 99 cent per mb, which will get you three minutes of Facebook.

Best: Vodafone €2

Avoid: Meteor €49.50

Saving: €47.50

Contact or local stores

Reef-it-out-quick savings accounts

And so, the latest European plan to save everything isn't the answer. Wow. There's a surprise. This means that the fate of the euro remains in the balance. Spain is looking odds-on to need a proper bailout, which will make things really interesting. After Spain comes Italy. Then maybe Belgium. In the meantime, locking your money away for years on end takes away the flexibility to do something wacky like buying a Greek airport. There's not much difference between the best demand savings account rate and the best one-year fixed rate. It's just one per cent between the two accounts... both offered by KBC. For €5,000 in a demand account.

Best: KBC 3.25 per cent

Avoid: Ulster Bank easy access 0.01 per cent

Saving: €162

Contact or 1800 51 52 53

Health cover

The arrival of Glohealth on the health insurance market is rather good news for consumers... at the moment. It's way cheaper as it seeks to drum up new business, especially for a family with two kids on the equivalent of VHI One Plus plan, Aviva's Level 2 excess or Laya's Health Smart Plan. Figures from

Best: Glohealth Best Plan €1,980

Avoid: VHI One Plus €2,250

Saving: €270 per year

Contact or 1890 781 781

Gas and electricity

Bord Gais has the most expensive gas and the cheapest electricity. How dumb is that? For someone spending €75 per month on gas on the normal Bord Gais tariff and another €75 per month on the plain vanilla ESB tariff. The biggest savings are made when you switch to paying by direct debit and getting bills emailed instead of by post.


Best: Bord Gais direct debit and ebilling €781.92 per year

Avoid: ESB standard €900

Saving: €218.08

Contact or 1850 632 632


Best: Flogas direct debit €785.26 per year

Avoid: Bord Gais standard €900

Saving: €114.74

Contact or 1850 30 68 00

Combined savings: €332.82

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