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Darragh's advice for other businesses

1 Really care about what you are doing

"You really have to care about what you are doing. It's not enough to just follow money, or trends, or where there might be a market - you have to invest your time and money in what will really get you motivated. Otherwise, you will never be able to sustain long-term effort."

2 Learn to let go

"It really is true that the people around you will define your success. You need to build a strong and capable team - and then learn to let go and trust them to be responsible and run the business. You can never grow or scale your business unless you learn to delegate."

3 Focus on the long-term game

"Starting out, everyone needs to get up and running and will take business from wherever they can - but it's important never to lose sight of the type of customer and partners you really want in the long-term. Otherwise you will be side-tracked from your ideal market niche."

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