Tuesday 20 February 2018


Maybe it's the good weather or maybe all the crims are staying in to watch Masterchef but September break-ins at offices and commercial properties monitored by Netwatch have fallen 10 per cent since August. The third quarter of the year saw 1,269 incidents of crime prevented by Netwatch -- down 13.2 per cent on the previous quarter.

Latte sales

Sales of cappuchino, lattes and americanos dipped 3.6 per cent last week at Insomnia. Several flat whites were consumed in the making of this column though. Discretionary spending and confidence has taken a battering as the budget approaches and Europe continues to be a big, fat idiot.

Equally weighted basket of ISEQ shares

While bond investors thought our economy looked a bit more risky last week, stock market investors thought that Irish stocks were a steal. How in God's name does anyone make money on Wall Street? Our equally weighted basket of 20 ISEQ shares rose over 4 per cent.

10-year Irish bond yield

And you thought it might be safe to get back into the water. The bungling Smurfs who run Europe continued to huff and puff over the debt crisis. Grave statement number 913 was issued. Things are very worrying, said top Eurocrats. Slovakia's wobble and the lack of clarity over various competing rescue plans saw investors blanch again. Irish bond yields -- a measure of flakiness -- rose for the first time in ages, hitting 8.2 per cent.

Central Bank prediction of personal consumer spend

And so it begins. We're getting softened up for a truly savage Budget. Cromwell is going to look like Santa Claus compared to Michael Noonan in December. The initial target of €3.6bn is for wimps and we're going to have to man up and take a good kicking. This is going to vapourise personal consumer spending. The Central Bank expects falls of 2.6 per cent this year and another 0.8 per cent drop next year. Pockets will have to be much, much smaller.

Google searches for 'restaurant'

July and August were good months for the hospitality industry. But things seemed to fall off a cliff in recent weeks. Google searches for restaurants in Dublin, Cork and Galway plummeted over the last month falling from 98,700 to just 17,400.

11890 retail enquiries

It's an awful subject to even consider in mid-October but Christmas is coming up over the horizon. Will there be anything left after the Budget or should we keep telling children how naughty they've been all year. Wouldn't that be a picture on Christmas morning? An almost empty stocking with a piece of coal and a chastising note from Santa. For nicer parents, calls to directory enquiry firm 11890 looking for toy and game shops have risen by 12 per cent. Good news for someone's kids.

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