Thursday 17 January 2019

Correction and Apology

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On Wednesday, 13 March we published an article entitled "Marlet wins 'ransom strip' Court fight over €100m site" in which we incorrectly stated that Mr. Justice Haughton had noted "sharp commercial practice" by Chambury Investment Company.

The relevant portion of Mr Justice Haughton's Judgment actually stated,

“43. I would add that before my ruling, I had read the wider ranging affidavit evidence and the content of witness statements upon which Chambury sought to place reliance to persuade the court not to exercise its discretion under section 9(5).  Without making any factual finding, taken at its height it pointed to sharp commercial practice leading to the acquisition by Balark of its interests in the leases and the site, and it reflected the commercial disappointment of an unsuccessful under-bidder.[...]"

We are happy to correct our error and acknowledge that the Judgment of Mr. Justice Haughton contains absolutely no finding or suggestion of sharp commercial practice by Chambury, Mr. John Ronan or Ms. Jodie Ronan.

This was reiterated by Mr Justice Haughton last week when the original error was brought to his attention.

We apologise to Chambury, Mr. John Ronan and Ms. Jodie Ronan for this error and the distress and upset it has caused.

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