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Top 10 real estate ranking for Dublin


The index puts Dublin in seventh place globally

The index puts Dublin in seventh place globally

The index puts Dublin in seventh place globally

Dublin is one of the world's top 10 cities for real estate investment according to the latest Jones Lang LaSalle's Investment Intensity Index.

The index - which ranks the attractiveness of international cities' real estate markets compared to their relative economic size - puts Dublin in seventh place globally.

It's an improvement of eight places on the 15th position it achieved last year.

Oslo, the capital of Norway, tops the index as a small but highly sought-after market thanks to active domestic investors, followed by London, Munich, Edinburgh, California's Silicon Valley and Frankfurt.

"Dublin has now moved into the top 10 and is placed firmly as a world-class investment location," said Hannah Dwyer, head of research at JLL Ireland. "As pricing has intensified in many of the larger global cities, 'new world cities' such as Dublin have increased their profile to investors as they are perceived to have better value.

"Dublin is a consistent, liquid market that has open and transparent operating processes, with dynamic clusters of business activity.

"It offers scalable real estate investment opportunities, and by ranking in 7th place, it means that it is 'punching above its weight' in terms of attracting real estate for a market of its size," Ms Dwyer added.

Dublin is one of five European cities dominating JLL's ranking of the markets that attracts the most cross-border investment compared to their economic size, London is the world's most active cross-border market, followed by Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Munich and Dublin.

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