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Sky challenges for apartment services


Sky Ireland's head of retail Stephen Butterly

Sky Ireland's head of retail Stephen Butterly

Sky Ireland's head of retail Stephen Butterly

Like most of the population, you probably have a television and internet access at home.

And if you live in an apartment, there is a pretty good chance you are usign UPC's service.

UPC has had the apartment TV market pretty much cornered for years. This in part is a hangover from the old days of Cablelink when pretty much every home that didn't have rabbit ears on their TV relied on a Cablelink connection.

Sky has long been providing TV services to houses but it has been a bit more difficult to get into the apartment sector.

Traditionally, apartment management companies have frowned out satellite dishes hanging off every apartment window, but with technological improvements, that problem has effectively been overcome, says Sky Ireland's head of retail Stephen Butterly.

"We have begun rolling out our services across the apartment space will continue across the country over the next three to four years," he told the Irish Independent.

"With fibre optic technology, we only need to have one dish on site for an entire building and can still provide services across the board."

"We're now working with developers to start putting this infrastructure in at source on new builds and retrofitting older apartment blocks.

"We engage with the contractor, architects or management company and make sure the services are available.

"We then maintain and manage the service over the life of the building so management companies etc do not have to worry about the system," he added.

Sky's awareness campaign will continue throughout the summer. UPC may not have apartments to themselves for much longer.

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