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Farmer's request for Intel bosses to be cross-examined over $4bn Leixlip scheme is turned down


The existing Intel base at Collinstown in Co Kildare

The existing Intel base at Collinstown in Co Kildare

The existing Intel base at Collinstown in Co Kildare

Farmer Thomas Reid has been denied the opportunity to have Intel Ireland executives cross-examined over their planned $4bn (€3.6bn) Leixlip investment at a public planning forum.

An Bord Pleanála has written to Mr Reid, Intel Ireland and Kildare County Council to confirm that Mr Reid's request for an appeals board oral hearing has been denied.

Mr Reid made his request for the oral hearing in his hand-written appeal last June.

However, in the appeal board letter, the board states that it "has concluded that the appeal can be dealt with adequately through written procedures".

The letter explained that the board has absolute discretion to hold an oral hearing and generally holds one where this will help its understanding of a particularly complex case or where it considers that, in a case involving significant national or local issues, the written submissions need to be supplemented by an oral hearing of the issues.

The letter states that the processing of the appeal is to continue and the board is aiming to have the case decided on next month.

Last month, Intel Ireland requested An Bord Pleanála to use rarely used powers to dismiss what it claimed is the "vexatious" appeal by Mr Reid.

The Irish arm of the chip giant made the request as it has claimed that much of the appeal lodged by Mr Reid against Intel's new 'Fab' plant at Leixlip "is vexatious".

As a result, Intel Ireland requested An Bord Pleanála to invoke Section 138 of the Planning and Development Act, under which the appeals board can dismiss appeals if it finds that an appeal is vexatious or frivolous.

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