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Appeals board refuses 'fast-track' plan for 305 new homes in Clane


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An Bord Pleanála has refused planning permission for a 'fast-track' planning application for 305 new homes at Clane, Co Kildare.

The appeals board has refused planning permission to Westar Investments Ltd for the 112 homes and 193 apartments on land at Dublin Road, Clane, after finding that the proposed development fails to establish a sense of place due to a poor design concept for the site.

The appeals board refused planning permission after Kildare County Council recommended that permission be turned down.

The plan was also opposed by a number of locals.

In its formal order, the appeals board stated that the proposed development is dominated by roads and surface car parking, and the substandard form of development lacks variety and distinctiveness.

The board also found that the development includes a poor quality of urban and architectural design, all of which would be seriously injurious to the residential amenities of future occupants.

The appeals board additionally found that the plan does not promote a high-quality street layout that prioritises people rather than vehicular movement, and would be contrary to the proper planning and development of the area.

Objectors claimed that the proposal would put significant pressure on public services, and social and physical infrastructure in Clane. They stated that existing infrastructure is already at capacity, in particular schools, public transport, roads infrastructure and medical services.

A submission by the Kildare educational welfare officer referred to serious deficiencies in existing school infrastructure and stated that the development should be phased in line with essential social infrastructure. The objectors also claimed that the majority of Clane's population commute and the development will compound Clane as a commuter town.

Kildare County Council claimed that the proposal would contravene the development strategy for Clane.

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