Thursday 18 January 2018

Chocolate prices

Men, it seems turn to chocolate more than women in times of stress. There'll be a lot of fat boyos by the time the economy ultimately recovers. While inflation eased slightly last month, the price of chocolate rose 3.8 per cent last month, making stressed men that little bit poorer. And fatter.

Bond yields

After stiffing us on our bank deal, it now seems that Angela Merkel's demands for more austerity are just plain dumb. The IMF has held its hand up to say that lots of austerity is rather bad for the global economy. Doh! It also figures that Ireland is the only Eurozone country likely to grow next year. Yields on nine-year bonds fell to 4.95 per cent, which means investors fancy us a bit more.

Cappuccino sales

Sales of cappuccino, lattes and other hot drinks at Bobby Kerr's Insomnia are up 5 per cent on the same week last year. While it'd be better if people were spending money on houses, cars and tellies, at this stage we'd take any improvement in even small discretionary spending.

Meeting of creditors

The number of companies who held a creditors' meeting in Q3 is down 14 per cent compared to this time last year, according to If a business does organise such an event, it is because it is in dire financial need of restructured conditions, so any decrease is a positive.

Private sector credit growth

The annual rate of growth in private sector credit advanced to Irish residents fell by 5.3 per cent in July 2012. This inability to access short, medium and long-term funding is choking development of the economy and has several knock-on effects -- on employment, taxation, confidence, investment, basically on all aspects of economic growth.

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