Saturday 20 July 2019

Chamber of Commerce: China slowdown is predicted

Alex White
Alex White

British State-owned Ulster Bank has agreed to sponsor the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce's annual conference for the next three years.

This year's conference is to take place in Dublin's Clyde Court Hotel on February 27 and was launched yesterday by Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alex White.

The conference's theme is 'Shoulder to Shoulder: Winning Strategies for the Global Pitch', and it coincides with the Six Nations rugby match between Ireland and England.

"The UK accounts for 16pc of our total exports and 34pc of our imports. It is by far our largest two-way trading partner. Combined trade between the UK and Ireland supports over 400,000 jobs," Mr White said.

"The fact that the majority of Ireland's fuel comes from the UK is in my view demonstrative of how interdependent we are," he added,

Chamber president Aidan Lynch said the conference would "facilitate debate about far-reaching implications for business on both islands", with the prospect of the UK exiting the EU set to be a key issue in that country's forthcoming general election.

"The conference will provide opportunities for business and political leaders to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities [such an exit] may present including access to investment, financing and an enhanced political and social future," Mr Lynch, who is also vice president and general manager of GlaxoSmithKline Ireland, added.

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