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Monday 9 December 2019

The rise of FinTech

The rise of FinTech
The rise of FinTech met with Ulster Bank’s Chief Information Officer Robin Marshall to talk FinTech.

In the vibrant surrounds of Dogpatch Labs, the home of Ulster Bank’s Hub, Robin discussed how Ulster Bank is embracing changes in the banking industry, the rise of FinTech organisations and what exciting events they have planned for 2016.

The term Fintech has been something of a buzz word in the tech and finance industries. There has been some speculation as to how the growth of this new generation of financial interaction will impact more traditional institutions as the world becomes more inclined towards managing their money online.

Typical to Ulster Bank’s approach, Robin foresees a happy medium developing between the two industries. He predicts the two will work together to create a better platform for customers wherein they can build their own experience. He points out that traditional banks offer knowledge and legacy, whilst FinTech organisations can leverage the freedom that comes without the infrastructure and policy of a long standing financial institution. By marrying the positive aspects of both industries, he sees much opportunity in working side by side with FinTech organisations, ultimately resulting in an improved experience for customers.

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