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Thursday 19 September 2019

In partnership with Dogpatch Labs

Dogpatch Labs - supported by Ulster Bank
Dogpatch Labs - supported by Ulster Bank met with Ulster Bank’s Chief Information Officer Robin Marshall to talk about Ulster Bank's partnership with Dogpatch Labs.

From the onset, Ulster Bank’s partnership with Dogpatch Labs in the CHQ Building has not been simply a sponsorship arrangement. Ulster Bank is determined to actively involve themselves in the regeneration and growth of the economy, and by physically positioning themselves at the heart of Ireland’s tech sector they are able to lend their expertise and support to young businesses on a daily basis. Moreover, their partnership with Dogpatch Labs is grounded in an exchange of knowledge with Robin commenting that “the culture of a start-up organisation typically tends to be very much ‘back yourself’, and we want to use the partnership with Dogpatch to try to help in our own cultural change.” 

Looking to their immediate surroundings in the Docklands and IFSC area, as well as to Ireland as a whole, they know the potential to grow Ireland’s economy lies in supporting the talent that resides on our shores. Growing the FinTech industry is an ambition shard by Dogpatch Labs, hence the success of their partnership thus far; their shared vision has already seen start-ups that emerged within the Labs to become fully fledged success stories.

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