Saturday 25 May 2019

WATCH: Tenerife holidays and ice cream... these Dublin kids explain Budget 2019

Rachel Farrell and Donal Corkery

Trips to the beach and holidays to Scotland and Tenerife - if there's anyone the Government should listen to ahead of the Budget this year, perhaps it's these school children?

We asked pupils of Grace Park Educate Together National School in Dublin some important questions ahead of the upcoming Budget.

Some of the youngsters didn't know what the Government was firstly, others said they believed they were "in charge of the country" and also that they "get money and save it for the country".

Many didn't know what the Budget was, but some clever kids gave it a guess.

"It's a really big thing that you sell and get a lot of money," one boy said.

We asked the potential future leaders what they would spend the Budget money on right now if they had the chance- and one little girl had an important, extensive list.

"I'd spend my money on a nice holiday to Scotland and have some ice-cream and lots of sweeties and go to the beach and go swimming and build sand castles," she said.

Scotland, Tenerife, Italy and Disneyland were some of the most popular options for holidays abroad among the tots.

Others touched on some major talking points of this year's Budget- homelessness and housing.

"I would buy a school, a house and a hospital, so I could help people in the world," one student said.

"I would give some of my money to poor people," one duo said.

When asked why they would do that, they said that "maybe a robber came and maybe if they took their money, maybe they became homeless."

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