Wednesday 20 November 2019

Budget 2013: The main points

Bottle of wine up €1 from midnight

Rate of property tax to be 0.18%, but houses costing more than €1m to attract rate of 0.25%

Funding increase for SMEs from €100m to €400m

Corporation tax will not change

Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) rises by 3% to 33%

10c rise on price of a pint and on packet of cigarettes

The size of the public sector will be cut to 282,500 by the end of 2014

Maternity benefit will be taxed from July 1

Pension levy to be abolished in 2014

VAT rate of 9% will remain untouched in 2013

Homes bought by first-time buyers next year will be exempt from new Local Property Tax until 2016

50c increase on a packet of roll-your-own tobacco

Ten-point reform of tax system to aid small to medium businesses

Health budget will get an additional €150m, for a total of €13.6bn

Core weekly social welfare payment will be untouched

Child benefit to be cut by €10

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