Saturday 17 March 2018

Stay-at-home mum can now think about going back to work

Sam Walsh with her children at her home in Kilmacud, Co Dublin. Photo: Mark Condren
Sam Walsh with her children at her home in Kilmacud, Co Dublin. Photo: Mark Condren

Patrick Kelleher

Stay-at-home mother Sam Walsh (46) is considering returning to work this year.

The mother of-four said childcare costs had been simply too much to justify returning to work, before the introduction of the Single Affordable Childcare Scheme in this Budget.

"The balance of the cost of going out to work versus staying at home, it just didn't make financial sense at the time and it hasn't done up until this year really," she told the Irish Independent.

Sam, from Kilmacud, Co Dublin, was also glad to see the increase in the Home Carers' Credit to €1,100. She had not been claiming the allowance, as she was not aware of it, but she is keen to find out now if she can avail of it.

"Every little bit would help. I'll look into it to see if I qualify for it," she said.

As her oldest child approaches college-going age, fees are a concern. She believes that students should pay something towards fees so they appreciate it.

"I know that people want to go to college and they can't afford it, but at the same time I see people who go to college and are maybe not appreciating the opportunity they have," she said.

Sam has no pension as she had no plan when she worked as a Montessori teacher before giving up her job.

"One thing that does concern me is that I have no pension. So that is one of the reasons that I may have to consider going back to work," she said.

Irish Independent

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