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WATCH: 'It is never a bad thing putting cigarettes up' – the public share their Budget 2017 hopes

It is clear that Michael Noonan and Paschal Donohoe are going to have a difficult job keeping everybody happy with tomorrow’s budget.

Independent.ie took to the streets to ask the public what their hopes for the big day are. Predictably, the Universal Social Charge (USC) was one of the key issues.

"I think the universal social charge should go or be substantially reduced, but other than that I am not expecting much. It is three or four hundred extra euro in tax and I could better spend that money elsewhere," said one worker.

Another said: “I hope that they reduce the [USC] and I get more money in my pay packet".

With an estimated €330m set aside for tax cuts, it is expected that Minister Noonan will indeed tackle the USC, with recent reports suggesting that it may drop by .5 per cent for the two lower rates.

Other areas which have received a lot of pre-budget attention are the treatment of pensioners, parents and children.

Paschal O’Donoghue will have key decisions to make around whether to put more into childcare or pensions, with an estimated €660m set aside for spending.

One pensioner we talked to believed that pensioners won’t be the ones who find this year’s budget difficult.

“I am a pensioner. We will get the usual. We will get [a little bit extra] but I think the working class will probably find it a little bit tougher,” he said. 

A parent we spoke to echoed this sentiment, suggesting that more needs to be done with childcare.

"I think parents need a break. They are supporting themselves and their children... it is unbelievably tough,” she said.

Watch the video in full above

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