Sunday 25 February 2018

Revealed: The Budget 2017 winners and losers

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John Downing

John Downing

Tax rebates, animal welfare schemes and VAT rates for hospitality.... but all we really want to know is who are the winners and losers following yesterday's big Budget announcement.

We have them here:


Katherine Zappone:

A novice minister, only a TD for six months, the Independent delivered a fully funded new childcare policy.

5 NEWS IIbudg36.jpg
'How does the Government and Children’s Minister Katherine Zappone possibly justify this? Do they know better than parents what is good for their children? Clearly they think they do.' Photo: Douglas O'Connor


Willie O'Dea:

Fianna Fáil's big ticket item, which dictated the play on the entire Budget, was the €5 on the pensions. The real Limerick Leader pitched it and pursued it doggedly.

8 NEWS PL28490211Willie O1Dea1Fia.jpg
Willie O’Dea: 'I am glad Fianna Fáil didn’t succumb to the pressure to enter coalition with Fine Gael.' Photo: Tom Burke


Sheep (yes, sheep):

Got a tenner when everyone else only got a fiver under the Animal Welfare Scheme for Sheep in a healthy farming package for new Agriculture Minister Michael Creed.

ewes and ram.jpg
TDs couldn’t keep the giggles in


Enda Kenny:

The Budget will pass, so the Government won't collapse, there won't be a general election and he lives to fight another day. Fine Gael's identity, though, is weakened.

II School 68 TB (Read-Only).jpg
Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny. Pic: Tom Burke



The grey voter proved they still packed a political punch, with each element of Government falling over each other to appease pensioners with various gifts.





Squeezed-middle families:

They get their fiver, but better not spend it all at once. Middle-income families got little enough after lifting the burden during the economic crash.

16 NEWS Depositphotos_87440472_ori.jpg
SAY CHEESE: On holiday this summer, I see families sitting, scrolling around dinner tables, silenced and separated by technology from each other and the moment. Photo: Stock Image


Shane Ross:

No new money for Transport, precious little for Tourism and Spot. What was he doing during the negotiations? His colleague Finian McGrath did vastly better.

7 NEWS ii 2017 budget17.jpg
Minister Shane Ross outside goverment buildings for budget 2017. Pic:Mark Condren


Michael Noonan:

The man who frequently criticised that a camel is a horse designed by committee delivered a disjointed effort in his final Budget that had no discernible pattern.

Michael Noonan.jpg
Finance Minister Michael Noonan on Budget Day 2017 Photo: Mark Condren


Pearse Doherty:

Struggled to sustain a level of indignation, much like the rest of the Opposition, who were left on the sidelines under 'new politics' after failing to go into power.

II Tax ruling 20 .jpg
Pearse Doherty. Photo: Tom Burke


Stay-at-home parents:

Tax Individualisation Part 2 springs to mind with the new childcare package, which only benefits those with children in creches or with registered childminders.

Becoming a new mum is a life-changing event, but can you keep your old friends?

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