Saturday 21 April 2018

FG targets public jobs but won't give number

ine Kerr Political Correspondent

FINE Gael last night warned that redundancies in the public service will be needed to make the sector smaller, more productive and more cost effective.

But it is refusing to spell out whether it will rely on voluntary redundancies or go beyond the Croke Park deal and impose compulsory redundancies.

The party is also not yet putting a figure on the number of redundancies required until it publishes its policy document to overhaul the public sector.

The party's finance spokesman Michael Noonan said Fine Gael believed every €1 tax increase must be matched by €3 spending cuts. Labour favours a 50:50 ratio between tax increases and cutbacks.

In seeking reform of the public sector, Fine Gael is adamant it will stick to the Croke Park deal, which explicitly rules out compulsory redundancies.

Where redeployment and voluntary redundancy "prove inadequate" in reducing numbers in non-priority back-office operations, Fine Gael will move to negotiate "fair exit and retraining packages".

References to "fair exits" appears to be at odds with the Croke Park deal but the party is refusing to clarify its position on compulsory redundancies.

The party's enterprise spokesman Richard Bruton has signalled Fine Gael would get rid of more than 10,000 public sector workers. The final figure will be released shortly in a policy document on restructuring the public service.

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