Wednesday 26 September 2018

Middle income earners: Here’s five ways you could splash your extra cash...

This year's budget looks to set to give the average worker around €4 per week extra Photo: PA
This year's budget looks to set to give the average worker around €4 per week extra Photo: PA Newsdesk Newsdesk

It is often grumbled that the net gain for the average earner after budget day would "scarcely buy you a pint" but this year it appears that this will in fact be the case.

There will be some extra cash to spend but its more of a light breeze than a windfall so don't get too excited. It looks like most average workers are set to benefit by around €5 per week. has rounded up some ideas for where you could splash your extra cash.

Be warned: there's not a lot you can do but if that fiver is burning a hole in your pocket, here's where you can get rid of it.

Monday morning coffee and a scone

Mondays are hard but now that you're €5 wealthier you can make the first day of the working week that bit more enjoyable. Splash that fiver on a coffee and a scone. Caffeine and baked treats make everything better, even Mondays. You'll find that plenty of cafés have special offers where you can get both for under a fiver. If your usual spot doesn't offer a similar deal, you're going to the wrong place.

Make like Beyonce and rent a Phoenix Park Bike

When Beyonce came to Dublin in 2011 she rented a bike from Phoenix Park Bikes and zipped through the park like a local. She told the Herald at the time that it was "one of the best experiences of my life". An hour's rental costs just €5. Visit the roaming herd of deer, cycle through a carpet of crimson and mustard coloured leaves, see Farmleigh House and salute the Wellington Monument. A grand way to spend an hour whether you're a superstar or someone with an extra fiver in their pocket.

A pint

The average price of a pint of Guinness across the country is €4.30 but prices in pints of beer vary with the average price coming in at €4.70. As with the cafés above, if your go-to boozer is charging you more than a fiver for a pint of non-craft beer you need to take a long, hard look at yourself.

Guided tour of St Michin's Church

Founded by the Danes in 1095, the church is just a stone's throw from O'Connell Street. You'll get to see the organ which Handel may have played for the first ever performance of the Mesiah and inthe underground vaults you'll find the tombs of The Crusader (an 800-year old Norman crusader), The Thief, The Unknown and The Nun. The crypt is also rumoured to house the remains of Robert Emmett. Bram Stoker is said to have been inspired to write Dracula after a visit to the crypt.

Get the bus to work

If you usually walk to work but fancy resting your tired and weary feet for an hour or so get the bus to work. The average one-way fare is €2.70. A Monday morning treat after the weekend? If you splash out for the bus, remember you won't be able to afford your coffee and scone that morning so choose your Monday morning treat wisely. Also a fiver won't get you a return ticket so you'll be walking home. Yes, we're clutching at straws here.

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