Monday 27 January 2020

For first time, Dept of Finance uses same sex couples in Budget examples

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The Department of Finance has used same-sex couples to illustrate how the budget will affect people, for the first time.

"Alan and Ray", who are married with two children, are used to illustrate how tax changes will affect a family's income. It states that Alan is employed in the retail sector earning €36,000, while Ray works in the family home.

The family will see a gain of €283 in their annual net income due to this Budget.

They are one of eight examples used in this section of the document.

The examples used also include heterosexual couples, single people and pensioners.

Meanwhile, "Adam and Cillian" are one of the nine examples used for 'potential applications under the Help to Buy' scheme.

The example states that the couple are hoping to buy a newly built house priced at €530,000. As first time purchasers they should qualify for the Help to Buy scheme provided they have paid income tax in the previous four years.

However, as the property they hope to buy is over the €400,000 limit, the maximum rebate they can hope to receive under the scheme is €20,000.

The example used.
The example used.

Last year's budget, included the example of Sinéad and Denise, who were civil partners "planning a Christmas wedding ceremony."

These examples come after Ireland became the first country in the world to bring in same-sex marriage by a popular vote in May, last year.

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